New Hampshire Medical Reserve Corps

What is the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?

The MRC is a national organization that was founded in response to September 11th. Thousands of Good Samaritans showed up at the attack sites but were unable to help due to the inability to quickly verify credentials and training.  The following July, the MRC was launched to ensure volunteers would be able to assist in any future disasters or emergencies.

There are 16 MRC units in New Hampshire; 15 of which correspond with the Public Health Regions and 1 which is town-based.

What do MRC units and volunteers do?

MRC units locally organize volunteers interested in helping the health and preparedness of their communities, as well as respond to emergencies.

MRC volunteers help out in a variety of ways including assisting local hospitals and the Public Health Networks, participating in community preparedness and health events, training with local emergency response partners, and more!

What training opportunities are there for MRC volunteers?

No prior training or medical background is required!
There are a few required trainings that will prepare you for response situations. All necessary trainings will be provided to you free of charge by your local MRC unit.
These trainings may count towards continuing education requirements.

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